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Herbert John (Jack) LEADER

He is standing in the front row, in the centre of the picture.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

History So Far

A blog - work in progress!

m. 2008, LEADER (aka SHAW) to FOULKES

b. 2002, female LEADER (mother: LEADER)

d. 2002, Violet Florence LEADER (nee KENNING)

d. 1999, Eric William LEADER (twin)

b. 1996, female LEADER (mother: KELLEHER)

b. 1995, male LEADER (mother: KELLEHER)

m. 1995, LEADER (nee GILL) to SHAW

 m.1993, LEADER to PLIMMER (nee LANE)

d. 23 Jan 1988, aged 68
Herbert John LEADER (twin)
d. Jan 1988 (b. 17 Nov 1919)
Liverpool, Vol. 36, Page 374, Reg. 188

 m. 1984, DENT (nee LEADER) to ABBOTT

b. 1981, female LEADER (aka SHAW, mother: GILL)

b. 1978, female LEADER (mother: GILL)

b. 1975, male LEADER (mother: GILL; now known as GILL)

m. 1974, LEADER to DENT

m. 1972, LEADER to GILL

 d. June quarter 1972 Brighton 5h, 221
Herbert LEADER (aka UNDERWOOD) (b. 31st March 1891)

b. 1965, female LEADER (mother: LEADER; married {abroad?} name now: LEO)

b. 1963, male LEADER (mother: LEADER; adopted name unknown)

b. 1961, male LEADER (mother: REEVE; later married KELLEHER, abroad)

d? 1959, Surrey SW, William LEADER (aka WESTBROOK) (92)
 (family bible stated William LEADER d. 22 Jan 1959, at 5:30 am)

b. 1950, male LEADER (mother: REEVE)

b. 1948, female LEADER (mother: REEVE) 

m. 07 Mar 1945, Knotty Ash, Liverpool
Herbert John LEADER to REEVE

m. 1941, Birmingham
Eric William LEADER to Violet Florence KENNING

m. 1937, Surrey S.E.
Doris Mary LEADER to William A. MAYNE 
b. Dec qua 1919, Reigate, 2a, 374
Herbert J. LEADER 
and Eric W. LEADER 
(twins, mother: TICE)

b. Jun qua 1916, Easthamstead, 
Doris Mary LEADER (mother: TICE; married name was MAYNE)

m. 1915, Herbert LEADER to Mary Annie TICE

1911 census
Hounslow Barracks, Middlesex
Herbert Leader single 21 prvt 413/X/0 7th Queens Own Hussars b. Puttenham, Surrey

Puttenham, Guildford, Surrey
John LEADER hd wid 66 eng. dr. printing stationery b. *Wroughtton Swindon, Wilts
William LEADER son (marr 11yrs) 44 eng. dr. saw mill stationery b. Puttenham
Ellen LEADER d-in-l 35 b. Hurst Deating, Berks
William John LEADER gr-son 11 school b. Puttenham
*Toseina Mable LEADER gr-dau 6 school b. Puttenham
Daisy Laura LEADER gr-dau 5 school b. Puttenham
(*spelling errors in transcript)

30 Stock Lake, Aylesbury, Bucks
William LEADER hd 64 (marr 37yrs) retired rlwy eng dr b. *Wrington County, Wilts
Sarah Jane LEADER wf 57 b. Dunstable, Beds
Catherine LEADER dau 33 (single) gen serv dom b. *Farford, Gloucs
Elizabeth LEADER dau 24 (single) dressmaker b. Lllanelly, Carmarth
Alice LEADER dau 22 (single) tailoress at home b. Lllanelly, Carmarth
(*spelling errors in transcript) 

The Heath, Puttenham, Surrey
John Leader head widow 56 engine driver (pump) worker b. Swindon, Wilts
William Leader son married 34 engine driver on farm worker b. Arlesford, Hants
Ellen Leader d-in-l married 25 b. Hurst, Berks
William J. Leader son 1yr b. Puttenham, Surrey
Herbert Underwood son 10 b. Puttenham, Surrey

26 Wyndham? St W, Plymouth, Devon
William LEADER hd 54 railway engine driver b. Wroughton, Wilts
Sarah Jane LEADER wf 47 b. Dunstable, Bucks
Florence L. LEADER dau 17 tailoress b. Llanelly, Carmarth, Wales
Elizabeth M. LEADER dau 14 dressmaker b. Llanelly, Carmarth, Wales
Alice E. LEADER dau 12 b. Llanelly, Carmarth, Wales
b. Mar qua 1900, Guildford, 2a, 95
William John LEADER
(son of William and Ellen)
m. Sept qua 1899, Guildford, 2a, 208
William LEADER
d. Mar qua 1897 (age 46), Guildford, 2a, 63
{bible stated, died 14 July 1897 and then 1898}

 The Heath, Puttenham, Surrey
John Leader head married 46 general labourer employed b. Swindon, Wilts
Laura Leader wife married 39 b. Alresford, Hants
William Leader son single 24 general labourer employed b. Alresford, Hants
Jane Underwood visitor single 23 b. Flexford, Surrey
Infant son 1week b. Puttenham, Surrey
William Ruff? Lodger single 31 general labourer employed b. Cranleigh? Surrey

1 Wolsdon? Place (St Andrew, Plymouth, Frankport)
(sharing with 2 other families?)
William LEADER hd 45 railway engine driver b. *Wraikton(?) Wilts
Sarah J. LEADER wf 35 b. Dunstable, Bucks
*Katherine P. LEADER dau 14 scholar b. *Farford, Gloucs
Herbert H. LEADER son 11 scholar b. Aylesbury, Bucks
Frederick J. LEADER son 8 scholar b. Aylesbury, Bucks
Florence *S. LEADER dau 6 scholar b. Llanelly, Carmarth
Elizabeth M. LEADER dau 4 scholar b. Llanelly, Carmarth
Alice *Hester LEADER dau 2 scholar b. Llanelly, Carmarth
(*as appearing in census & the question in bracket)

 b. Jun qua 1891, Guildford, 2a, 94
Herbert Leader UNDERWOOD (later LEADER)

Grange Rd, Itchen Stoke, Hants
WESTBROOKE household
William LEADER visitor unm 16 b. Abbotstone, Hants, carter

Puttenham St
, Puttenham, Surrey
John LEADER hd 36 b. Broughton, Wilts engine driver (threashing)
Laura LEADER wf 30 b. Itchen Stoke, Hants
Walter WESTBROOK b-in-l 22 b. Itchen Stoke, Hants gen lab
William MULLARD boarder 27 b. Wanborough, Surrey gen lab

23 Eastern St, Aylesbury, Bucks
William LEDDER hd 34 railyway engine driver b. Wroughton, Wilts
Sarah J. LEDDER wf 27 b. Dunstable, Beds
Catherine P. LEDDER dau 4 b. Fairford, Gloucs
Herbert H. LEDDER son 2 b. Aylesbury
Frederick J. LEDDER son 2mths b. Aylesbury

Tainham? Lane, Seale, Surrey
John LEADER hd 26 engine driver ag machine b. Swinton, Wilts
Laura LEADER wf 21 b. Itchen Stoke, Hants
William LEADER son 4 b. Alresford, Hants
Rose ARMSWORTH nurse child 7mnths b. Longham, Seale, Surrey

 Water Works Mill Lane,Wroughton, Wilts
Esther LEADER hd 66 (widow) labourer b. Broad Hinton, Wilts
William LEADER son 25 (single) railway engine fireman b. Wroughton, Wilts

  b. Jun qua 1870, Alresford, Alfred John LEADER
d. Sept qua 1870, Alresford, Alfred John LEADER (0)
(bible stated Alfred LEADER b.18 Mar 1870, 9am; d.23 Sept 1870)

 b. Mar qua 1869, Alresford, Thomas LEADER
d. Mar qua 1869, Alresford, Thomas LEADER (0)
(bible stated Thomas LEADER b.09 Feb 1869; d.11 Jul 186?)

 b. Dec qua 1867, Alresford, Ethell Beatrice LEADER
d. Mar qua 1868, Alresford, Ethell Beatrice LEADER (0)
(bible stated (Ethel) Beatrice LEADER b.20 Oct 1867, 7pm;
died possibly, 19 Feb or July 1868?)

 m. Dec qua 1866, Winchester
 John LEADER to (Laura) Elizabeth WESTBROOK,
{bible stated, John and Laura LEADER, m. 15th Dec 1866}
b. Sept qua 1866, Alresford, 
William WESTBROOK (later LEADER)
(bible stated, William WESTBROOK(E) b.29th Aug 1866, 11 am?)

 d? Mar qua 1862, Highworth, 5a, 9, 

 m. Jun 1861 Highworth 5a, 27


(next to Overtown House)
Isaac LEADER hd (wid) ag carter b. Broadtown, Wilts
John LEADER son 16 ag lab b. Wroughton, Wilts
William LEADER son 14 ag lab b. Wroughton, Wilts

d? Dec qua 1853, Swindon 5a, 11,
 Phoebe LEADER

Overtown Bottom, Wroughton, Wiltshire
Isaac LEADER hd 47 ag lab b. Broadhinton, Wilts
Phebe LEADER wf 45 b. Wroughton, Wilts
Elizabeth LEADER dau 17 b. Wroughton, Wilts
John LEADER son 7 b. Wroughton, Wilts
William LEADER 5 son  b. Wroughton, Wilts

b. 1850, Laura E. WESTBROOK, Itchen Stoke, Hampshire
(bible stated, Laura Elizabeth LEADER [nee WESTBROOK(E)] 
b. 01 Jun 1841 / 1858 / 1851 / 1850 in Hampshire)

b. Sept qua 1846, Swindon&c 8, 3*1,
William Daniel LEADER

b. Dec qua 1843, Swindon&c 8, 333 or 332,
(bible stated b. 18th Nov 1844)

Overtown T**thing, Wroughton, Wiltshire
Isaac LEADER 35 ag lab yes
Phoebe LEADER 35 yes
Ann LEADER 7 yes

Broad Hinton, Wiltshire
William LEADER 70 ag lab yes
Ann LEADER 65 yes

m. Dec 1839 Swindon &c. 8, 557


Burial in Wroughton, Wilts
Prudence LEADER, on 31st Aug 1834, aged 27 Years

  Isaac LEADER m. Prudence TUCK, 
02nd  March 1829 at Broad Hinton, Wiltshire

 bur. 08th Nov 1825 (aged 84) at Wroughton
William LEADER

 bapt. 04th Dec 1803 at Broad Hinton
 Isaac LEADER son of William and Ann LEADER

bur. 27th Oct 1797 (age 53) at Wroughton

 William LEADER m. Ann RUDMAN
18th Oct 1792 Broad Hinton

bapt. 19th Apr 1767 at Wroughton
William LEADER son of William and Mary